Warning: Fraud attempt using Alumni Energy Investments

Published by Chad Fichardt on

Please be aware that criminals are attempting to use Alumni Energy Investments’ name to fraudulently elicit money from people via WhatsApp. The scam is communicated via Whatsapp and purports to pay investors returns within 24 hours and illegally uses Alumni CEO, Shakes Motsilili’s, identity to mislead victims.

As a result of this Alumni Energy Investments will only accept new investment queries via info@alumnienergy.co.za.

We are working with financial and criminal law enforcement authorities and following the necessary protocols at this time and we ask that if you suspect you may be a victim of this scam to call your local police station.

Update to our previous statement re: WhatsApp scam:

We are grateful to the Financial Services Conduct Authority as well as the media for their support in notifying potential victims of the recent fraud perpetrated on people using our company name.

Find below the article in Businesstech.

Article on BusinessTech

Or read the FSCA statement here in full.



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