Tebogo Mogosoane

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Tax Compliance Officer

Until a recent secondment to the Department of Justice, Tebogo Mogosoane was a policy expert in South African Revenue Services (SARS) where he was a senior manager in the Legal and Policy Division in charge of policy. Mr Mogosoane was one of the only three subject matter experts within SARS in the area of Section 12J Venture Capital Company legislation, interpretation and policy.

A thought leader in tax policy to support small business and entrepreneurship, he has worked with various areas in small business policy research since starting with SARS in 2008, immediately after completing his studies. Mr Mogosane is a keen academic, having completed his legal undergraduate and a Masters Degree in Law from the Unversity of Pretoria. He is currently completing a PhD in the under-researched by vital tax policy area of how to tax and administer  commodity royalties in a fair and effective manner.

Industry stakeholders have indicated that this thesis could have far-reaching effects on the thorny issue of mineral royalty taxation in South Africa going forward. Mr Mogosane is also an experienced consultant, where he has engaged with public sector, private sector and community stakeholders to ensure effective and fair taxation policy.