Final opportunity to invest your taxes. Don’t miss out.

We’re in the final stretch before Section 12J is no longer available to South African investors.

Yes, we’re disappointed. We would have liked the generous fiscal benefits to continue for our shareholders. But we understand and support the decision by the Treasury Department, and are hard at work putting in place the next phase of our fundraising strategy.

That said, we are determined to see Section 12J go out with a bang!

So, we’ve put together a set of very attractive investor offers for you to benefit with your investment before 30th June 2021. And the earlier you commit, the bigger the incentive.

Early Bird Offer

Repeat investors will be familiar with our early bird offers. These give investors with healthy cash flow the opportunity to save make money on their investment. In this instance investors end up paying less for their investment.

Here’s how it works.

If you’re a provisional taxpayer you can invest your August 2021 tax before June 30th 2021.

Let’s say you have a tax liability of R250,000. If you invest on 1 May 2021 you will only have to pay in R192,000.

This effectively gives you a 20% “discount” on your investment.

Invest Now, Pay Later Offer

Also known as our deferred payment option, we are able to assist investors who are not cash flow flush with a loan for your investment.

Should you not be in a position to benefit from the early bird option, you simply need to complete the investor paperwork and when you receive your tax rebate from SARS in August, for example, you would need to pay Alumni your investment amount.

You will then receive your share certificates and investor certificate and your Aziza Coin allocation.

AEI for companies

We offer large and small companies the opportunity to invest their taxes. Not only are there direct fiscal benefits to the company, our structure offers a highly tax efficient way for a portion of these benefits to accrue to individual shareholders.

For a further explanation on how this could work for your business and shareholders please fill out the form below or call 010 592 1876.