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Radio Interview: Innovation in South Africa

In this interview by Benito Vergotine on his show ‘The Honest Truth’ on Smile FM, Stephen Larkin talks about how South Africa is involved in world.leading development. He explains how normal South Africans can get involved in supporting entrepreneurs with fantastic tax incentives provided to VCC’s (Venture Capital Companies) from SARS (South African Revenue Service). Listen to the podcast courtesy of Smile FM.

AEI featured in the Financial Times

We are extremely honoured that Alumni Energy Investments was featured in the Financial Times in the UK. This is a powerful endorsement of our technology and our recent achievements. It’s also a glimpse into how AEI can transform the lives of South Africans.

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Lighting up Africa is ‘a marathon not a sprint’

Four years after the launch of former President Barack Obama’s 2013 attempt to bring light to the proverbial dark continent, his legacy Power Africa initiative is on track to deliver an initial $7 billion in US government-backed loans and grants for new power projects within the five-year target – confounding its sceptics – and helping ease Africa’s large and persistent power deficit.

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