Brendon Raw

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Director, Technology

Brendon Raw is a South Africa-based software developer based, IT developer and investor in the Energy Technology, Property and Digital Media spaces. After completing a BCom in IT systems from Durban University, Mr Raw moved to London, where at the age of 24 he became lead developer for one of the hottest internet companies of its day – excite@home. He moved on to become BP’s leading application developer, where he created a number of mission-critical commodity trading systems that are still in use today. The Attempts by BP to improve on his Access FrontEnd SQL backend system that largely ran the pricing of BP’s multi-billion dollar trading operation, which he developed single handedly in 6 months, were found not to be technically possible with team man-years of development time at a cost of more than £100 million.

Brendon was also the founding investor in Quirk e-Marketing, which was successfully sold to WPP, the world’s biggest advertising agency in 2012, at a price of R400 million. He is the IT driving force behind Africa New Energies, along with Shakes Motsilili, where he has coded much of the algorithm that potentially triples the probability of finding Natural Gas at 1/10th of the cost of the competition. ANE looks like to be Brendon’s second successful exit, where an offer for $500 million (R6.5 billion) has been rejected. Other energy technology investments include the Prophecy system which at the time, created the world’s lowest cost solar irradiation monitor, enabling household microsystems to measure and forecast energy production for the first time. He has also created a smart energy meter for Contour, a market leader in this technology in South Africa.